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Top five things which make an Entrepreneur successful.

Do we  know what it takes to be a successful Entrepreneur.?

Is not that hard.
Some common known points.
But obviously they aren’t common.

They are as follows

  1. Hard work
    There is never shortcut to hard work. Hard work is always rewarded, always.
  2. Never giving up.
    One should keep focusing and targeting on what needs to be achieved. Giving up will never lead to anything but failure, so NEVER GIVE UP.
  3. Consistency.
    being consistent is very important to focus on the core business.
  4. Focus.
    Focusing on the goal will help to conquer the business secrets. This will differentiate you among the noise.
  5. Determination.
    Have a feeling that what you are trying to do you have to focus on it.
    You have put your whole time and energy which is very very important. You cannot lose on this. Be determined and win over the challenges.

These are the common traits of success for any entrepreneur or we can say for any business organisation.


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Helping nature.

In this short duration of life we all are helpless,  SO GET UP AND HELP SOMEONE.

There will always be times when you will need help. Karma will always be watching you. To get something you need to give something.

So why don’t you start from today,  from now on. Make it a habit to help someone daily. At least one person a day.

This should be done without any expectations. Expectations like you will also receive help in future.
Be patient.



Enjoy the finer things in life.
Live life in abundance.
Bringing happiness in someone is the world’s greatest pleasure.

So make the world a better place to live.

Real ENTREPRENEUR work from Heart and not for money.

Share your experiences below 😊


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Never give up

What makes you special in life is not how fast you have reached your destination. It is the amount of hard work you have put to reach that Glamorous position. Being what you’re and doing constantly and consistently what you’re supposed to do can take you where you have never been.


10 Ways of how you can stay focussed on your goal and NEVER GIVE UP.

  1. Find your purpose.
  2. Make a Solid Plan.
  3. Get rid of distractions.
  4. Have Confidence.
  5. Stay Calm and focussed.
  6. Have Faith.
  7. Doesn’t matter what people say.
  8. You’re Special.
  9. Share your Ideas who share similar Vibes.
  10. Being Optimistic.


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Ultimate use of Jugaad Technology

The spirit of entrepreneurship is inbuilt in Indians. One of the most important aspect being a successful businessman is the use of Jugaad Technology.

In English this can be called as frugal Technology. One example of frugal Technology is what we use daily.
Any guesses?

There may be many cropping up in your mind, like giving a miss call to the car pooling buddy before leaving for work.

There can be millions of examples and replicating it in Business will give it an edge over others.

The Western people are now focusing more on Jugaad Technology than ever before.

I think the main reason why Indians sitting at the top most positions of fortune 500 companies is obviously about their capabilities, but also about the inherent Jugaad Technology which we Indians poses.

Bring out the Jugaad in you and give your business a Rocking start.


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Top 5 mistakes made by an Entrepreneur



Let us know what are the things which topple the Start up Co. Or any going concern.
What do you think?
Give your top floor some stress.
Okay, stress a bit to think.

Anyways the list is as follows.

  1. Taking time as granted.
    One of the most lethal mistakes one can ever commit. Time is precious. It is a decaying asset.
  2. Trusting wrong people.
    Trusting sometime can be a really big deal. With hot shot ideas beaming within you. You are really scared to share with anyone. Especially the wrong ones. So be careful.
  3. Losing focus.
    Focus is what will take you to the finish line.
  4. Giving up too early.
    What happens when water reaches 99 degree Celsius?  Does it boil?  Not yet.  It does not really change its form.
    But what if it reaches 100-degree level.?
    It has enough power to run a steam engine.
    Think over it.
  5. Lack of accountability.
    One should always keep an account of the expenses and the future cash flows. These are very much necessary for the functioning of the core business activities.