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Being Thoughtful 1.0

Deep thoughts

In this fast life, we’re lost somewhere,

Those who were near to us, are not seen close by.

Sometimes it gets lonely celebrating own success, 

Only to find out things are left far behind.

But hold that spirit my special friend,

If it’s not now, then when?.

Keep compounding your efforts,

The day will come when you are flooded with success.

Things will be tough, rough and painful,

But It is just a way to polish that magnificent diamond.

You should know your value before anyone else,

As there is no better investment than in ownself.

Small things in life should not deter you,

Fix your path and the lights will guide you.

People will remember you only by what you achieve,

Don’t let that fame stop your game.

Keep playing hard and set that high standard,

So that your name should be enough to win a battle without war.

This won’t come in a day or two,

Being fast and consistent is the new way to prove.

At the end it will all make sense,

You won’t regret that you didn’t give your attempt.

And then they will say, look

‘That person never gave up’

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Some deep thoughts.

thoughts, deep


Hello everyone!

I would be having 

“Being Thoughtful” 

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Being Thoughtful.

Covering some of the common insights from a Students life and their point of view.

Their struggle and guide on the survival in the extremely competitive environment.

How we are compared to that neighbor or cousin on his or her accomplishments.
Or that Sharmaji’s son 😛

It will be fun to read some of the stories I’m going to post. Stay tuned.

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First post coming this Sunday.

Have a great day 😃 

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Weekend quotes 16th Jan 2016

I’m sharing some of the powerful and effective lines that can definitely pull you out of failure and depression.

Weekend motivation

Read and save them. Or you can visit this website page whenever you want.

There are many times when we get a feeling of giving up when we fail. But that’s not the solution. Read the below quote.

If you fail then never give up because FAIL means First attempt in learning.

What you think might be the end, it’s not always the end. It is where the Efforts Never Die.

If you get NO as an answer always take it as the Next Opportunity.

Have  a great day.

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Bring PEACE BACK – Pathankhot, India


This is a post which is slightly away from the objective of this website. But it is Very Important.


When Paris attack took place whole world changed their DPs to Paris flag including few Indians living in India and abroad. Since terrorist attack is going on the Indian Air Force bases, no one changed their DPs to Indian flag or even talking about it . Let us start. Please do it and forward to all your contacts & group


Heart touching stories about the Martyrs.

‪#‎Salute‬ Newly Married Garud Commando Gursewak Singh martyred in ‪#‎PathanKotAttacks‬ The family members of Garud commando Gursewak Singh were in a state of shock on receiving the news about his martyrdom in the Pathankot terror attack, just over a month after his marriage, even as his father expressed pride that he laid down his life for the country. The family, which resides in Garnala village near Ambala city, is yet to receive the body for the last rites. According to official information, the martyr’s body would be airlifted to Ambala airbase later on Sunday. Gursewak had joined Indian Air Force about six years ago after completing his graduation. He had got married just 45 days ago. He was an intelligent and bright youth, by his father, had cleared the Air Force exam in the first attempt. His father asserted that he was proud that his son had laid down his life for the country. “My boy had gone to serve the nation. I am proud of him. He has done his duty. We are sad too. Our elder son is also in the Army serving the nation. My younger son gave his life for the country. He was always good in studies and always wanted to join the Air Force,” “Legendary freedom fighter Bhagat Singh was his icon,” he added. R.I.P Braveheart Gursewak Singh!

It is high time we take this seriously.


It is important for us to live in peace. It is not the aliens or the meteors that will come crashing and destroy all of us on the earth, but we the people are going to do it.


I’m sure no one wants to live in the world, full of war. We are so happy with the facilities nowdays we all are able to get. There needs to be peace. And I hope this spreads across all the nations.


Every moment I’m just Praying for some magic to happen which stops all the on going wars out there.

Changing your display pictures on social media will do nothing for humanity.
Tweeting won’t help the people out there. I agree it’s because of social media we all are connected but Please. Wake up.


Get up and HELP the helpless. Karma will return you the same.


Make sure you don’t share something on social media which causes any religion any kind of harm.



Spread love.  Not hatred.
Solve your issues with the people before it gets out of hand.

We don’t want to be plagued by bombs, guns and air strikes.
It’s so Scary.
We are taking away the lives of Hundreds and thousands. For unknown and confusing objective.


Why show power through violence?


Spread happiness, that’s the best way you will always want to be REMEMBERED.

I may have taken a different route from THE RISING ENTREPRENEUR. But it’s necessary to be pro active.

If you agree, share this as much as you can.


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How to spot a sunrise industry ( source Morningstar )

Source: Sunil Singhania, CIO Equities, Reliance Mutual Fund, shares his views during a panel discussion at the Morningstar Investment Conference held in Bengaluru.


Regarding sunrise sectors, what could investors expect?

India is a very large diversified economy driven by entrepreneurs. We grow despite the government rather than because of the government. Hopefully, this government will also support and we will grow much faster.

From an asset management perspective, it makes our life easier that India is behind the world by 15-20 years, though it’s catching up in the sense that trends which used to take 20 years to come to India are now taking maybe 20 months or 20 days to appear. So, it’s very easy to figure out that what would be the next sunrise sectors.

Around 15 years ago, I made my first trip abroad. The most of the time I spent in malls because we did not have any in India. Shopping was the biggest driver to go abroad. Now, when you go abroad, you don’t even visit a mall because all the brands are present here. So, what happened there is ultimately going to come here.

So if you just simply start to analyze, you will find a few themes which might not be too big right now, but from a 1-year to 15-year horizon, they can really get big.

One is very clearly financial savings. Take Capital International, one of the largest asset managers in the U.S. In its initial 8 years, it reached a size of $2 billion assets under management. The next 30 years it grew 1000 times – $2 billion became $2 trillion.

We believe that the asset management business is just scraping the tip of the iceberg. We have a long, long way to go. And the next 10-15 years it could multiply manifold. So money moving to a very systematic wealth management financial savings kind of thing is a big theme. And whichever company you feel can benefit out of it are going to be the companies to bet on.

With both spouses working, I think QSRs – quick service restaurants, ready-to-eat food, are also segments that will grow.

Let me give you an example. My son was born in 1997 at Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai. At that time my monthly salary was around Rs 15,000. The doctor wrote a prescription for a hepatitis B injection from SKF, which was SmithKline Pharma’s earlier avatar.

The pharmacy quoted each injection at Rs 3,500 and I had to purchase three of them. I did not have the money that day, so made the purchase the next day. But I also ensured that I went and bought 100 shares of SKF. Within one month, the entire hospital bill of my son got paid by 100 shares of SKF.

So, sometimes these trends are visible in our own habits. So, if you are ordering something every day rather than cooking at home, it could be a big trend.



The other thing is brands. Tailored clothes or shirts are not common anymore. Everyone wants to sport a brand. Depending on your budget, you will buy Armani or Van Heusen or so on and so forth. Zara comes from a small country called Spain, whose population is equivalent to that of Mumbai. But Zara is a $70 billion brand globally and the biggest brand in India sells shirts worth $200 million.

Look at India – now 130 crore people, of which, let’s say 50% are men. I’m just taking an example so ladies please excuse me. But if 65 crore men, on an average, start to buy one extra shirt – that would mean 65 crore extra shirts. So, at an average price of Rs 1,000, it is Rs 65,000 crore extra spent on only shirts in a year. Again, we used to buy two shirts during Diwali and use them all through the year. Now, we shop regularly.

Brands are going to be a huge play.

Stocks are expensive but one must have a 10-15 years perspective.

Regarding sunrise industries, how does the health sector and health management industry look?

Health is a very good long-term sector in India.

Take the case of medicines. The total sales put together by all the companies is $12 billion, roughly Rs 75,000 – 80,000 crores. Pfizer’s one drug, Lipitor, which was a cholesterol drug before it went off patent, had global sales of $14 billion. So, one cholesterol drug was bigger than the total of 130 crore people’s medicine bill. So, there is a long, long way to go.

Second, affordability is improving. The propensity to take medicines is increasing. So is awareness. Lifestyle diseases are increasing.

As awareness and acceptability of life insurance and health insurance increases, the propensity to spend also does.

As a nation we are very under-served in terms of even basic medical facilities. So, it’s going to be a great sector. As more hospitals get listed, as more specialty hospitals get listed – eye chain, cardiac chain, oncology chain, there will be various different specialized sort of opportunities also available.

The problem is that this sector is never cheap. It might appear a bit expensive, but if you look at it from a 5-10-15 years perspective, decent returns would be made.

What about sunset industries?

Doing business is becoming very difficult and very dynamic. For example, my son is now studying in the U.S. When he was applying to colleges, I would tell him to read the newspapers to increase his knowledge and awareness. And he said that the newspapers give stale news since he has already read it online the night before.

So, there will be lot sectors or industries where the way of doing business will change.

Someone was asking me about the advent of payment banks. There will definitely be some disruption. E-commerce, Flipkart is talking about doing $10 billion of gross merchandise value this financial year. While the traditional Hyper Cities and Shoppers Stop over the last 20 years have been able to reach only $1.5 billion. We continue to be positive on the brick and mortar play but the way of doing business is definitely going to change.

Every sector will have threats. Only companies which evolve and transform will be able to sustain. If not, the companies, irrespective of the sectors, will become sunset companies.

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Ultimate use of Jugaad Technology

The spirit of entrepreneurship is inbuilt in Indians. One of the most important aspect being a successful businessman is the use of Jugaad Technology.

In English this can be called as frugal Technology. One example of frugal Technology is what we use daily.
Any guesses?

There may be many cropping up in your mind, like giving a miss call to the car pooling buddy before leaving for work.

There can be millions of examples and replicating it in Business will give it an edge over others.

The Western people are now focusing more on Jugaad Technology than ever before.

I think the main reason why Indians sitting at the top most positions of fortune 500 companies is obviously about their capabilities, but also about the inherent Jugaad Technology which we Indians poses.

Bring out the Jugaad in you and give your business a Rocking start.


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Top 5 mistakes made by an Entrepreneur



Let us know what are the things which topple the Start up Co. Or any going concern.
What do you think?
Give your top floor some stress.
Okay, stress a bit to think.

Anyways the list is as follows.

  1. Taking time as granted.
    One of the most lethal mistakes one can ever commit. Time is precious. It is a decaying asset.
  2. Trusting wrong people.
    Trusting sometime can be a really big deal. With hot shot ideas beaming within you. You are really scared to share with anyone. Especially the wrong ones. So be careful.
  3. Losing focus.
    Focus is what will take you to the finish line.
  4. Giving up too early.
    What happens when water reaches 99 degree Celsius?  Does it boil?  Not yet.  It does not really change its form.
    But what if it reaches 100-degree level.?
    It has enough power to run a steam engine.
    Think over it.
  5. Lack of accountability.
    One should always keep an account of the expenses and the future cash flows. These are very much necessary for the functioning of the core business activities.