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Being Thoughtful 1.0

Deep thoughts

In this fast life, we’re lost somewhere,

Those who were near to us, are not seen close by.

Sometimes it gets lonely celebrating own success, 

Only to find out things are left far behind.

But hold that spirit my special friend,

If it’s not now, then when?.

Keep compounding your efforts,

The day will come when you are flooded with success.

Things will be tough, rough and painful,

But It is just a way to polish that magnificent diamond.

You should know your value before anyone else,

As there is no better investment than in ownself.

Small things in life should not deter you,

Fix your path and the lights will guide you.

People will remember you only by what you achieve,

Don’t let that fame stop your game.

Keep playing hard and set that high standard,

So that your name should be enough to win a battle without war.

This won’t come in a day or two,

Being fast and consistent is the new way to prove.

At the end it will all make sense,

You won’t regret that you didn’t give your attempt.

And then they will say, look

‘That person never gave up’

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Some deep thoughts.

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Hello everyone!

I would be having 

“Being Thoughtful” 

topic run over every weekend.

Being Thoughtful.

Covering some of the common insights from a Students life and their point of view.

Their struggle and guide on the survival in the extremely competitive environment.

How we are compared to that neighbor or cousin on his or her accomplishments.
Or that Sharmaji’s son 😛

It will be fun to read some of the stories I’m going to post. Stay tuned.

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First post coming this Sunday.

Have a great day 😃