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Some useful lines

The world is huge. It needs to be explored. Find your inner self. Find your passion, motive and purpose.


1. Don’t waste your sunset with people who will be gone by sunrise.

2. Love is a verb.

3. Embrace sadness. Come on, everything needs a hug.

4. Be soft and kind. Ahaan, do not take anybody’s shit but.

5. Never suppress a generous thought.

6. Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself. Find calm in the chaos.

7. You are stronger than you think.


8. Don’t hold grudges. Use the IRRELEVANTcategory.

9. Be interested only in consistency, respect and loyalty.

10. Roam if you must, but do come home when you’ve seen enough.

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Bring PEACE BACK – Pathankhot, India


This is a post which is slightly away from the objective of this website. But it is Very Important.


When Paris attack took place whole world changed their DPs to Paris flag including few Indians living in India and abroad. Since terrorist attack is going on the Indian Air Force bases, no one changed their DPs to Indian flag or even talking about it . Let us start. Please do it and forward to all your contacts & group


Heart touching stories about the Martyrs.

‪#‎Salute‬ Newly Married Garud Commando Gursewak Singh martyred in ‪#‎PathanKotAttacks‬ The family members of Garud commando Gursewak Singh were in a state of shock on receiving the news about his martyrdom in the Pathankot terror attack, just over a month after his marriage, even as his father expressed pride that he laid down his life for the country. The family, which resides in Garnala village near Ambala city, is yet to receive the body for the last rites. According to official information, the martyr’s body would be airlifted to Ambala airbase later on Sunday. Gursewak had joined Indian Air Force about six years ago after completing his graduation. He had got married just 45 days ago. He was an intelligent and bright youth, by his father, had cleared the Air Force exam in the first attempt. His father asserted that he was proud that his son had laid down his life for the country. “My boy had gone to serve the nation. I am proud of him. He has done his duty. We are sad too. Our elder son is also in the Army serving the nation. My younger son gave his life for the country. He was always good in studies and always wanted to join the Air Force,” “Legendary freedom fighter Bhagat Singh was his icon,” he added. R.I.P Braveheart Gursewak Singh!

It is high time we take this seriously.


It is important for us to live in peace. It is not the aliens or the meteors that will come crashing and destroy all of us on the earth, but we the people are going to do it.


I’m sure no one wants to live in the world, full of war. We are so happy with the facilities nowdays we all are able to get. There needs to be peace. And I hope this spreads across all the nations.


Every moment I’m just Praying for some magic to happen which stops all the on going wars out there.

Changing your display pictures on social media will do nothing for humanity.
Tweeting won’t help the people out there. I agree it’s because of social media we all are connected but Please. Wake up.


Get up and HELP the helpless. Karma will return you the same.


Make sure you don’t share something on social media which causes any religion any kind of harm.



Spread love.  Not hatred.
Solve your issues with the people before it gets out of hand.

We don’t want to be plagued by bombs, guns and air strikes.
It’s so Scary.
We are taking away the lives of Hundreds and thousands. For unknown and confusing objective.


Why show power through violence?


Spread happiness, that’s the best way you will always want to be REMEMBERED.

I may have taken a different route from THE RISING ENTREPRENEUR. But it’s necessary to be pro active.

If you agree, share this as much as you can.


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